Get Involved/ Support

WCCT’s success is possible because of the dozens of volunteers who serve on its board, direct, act, work behind the scenes and front-of-house, promote, clean and maintain the facility.

The organization recently recognized 130 volunteers who were involved in some way during out past season. We could not do it without their time and talents. Their reward is being an important part of bringing a show together, learnong new skills, making friends, and having fun.

Perhaps you have thought about getting involved in WCCT. We would love to have you be a part of our theatre family in one or more of these areas:

  • Directing, Music Direction, Choreography
  • Production Manager
  • Acting
  • Stage Design, Construction, Artistry
  • Props, Stage Dressing
  • Costuming, Wardrobe Management
  • Hair/Wig Stylist, Makeup
  • Stage Manager and Crew
  • Tech: Lights, Soud, Projections
  • Publicity
  • Box Office, Usher