Loop System

Hearing Loops allow people with hearing aids or cochlear implants to receive the sound from the PA system directly in their own hearing aids without having to use a separate device.

You need to find out if your hearing aids have a wireless receiver called a T-coil or Telecoil built in, in order to use the Hearing Loop.  The T-coil is accessed by pushing a button on a hearing aid.  This T-coil program has to be activated by your audiologist.  Talk to your audiologist to find out if your instruments can have both a T (no background noise) and an MT program (blended microphone and T-coil program) for improved hearing.  If you get a Telecoil installed in your current hearing instrument, make sure it has a manual, not an automatic setting.

Digital hearing aids have significantly improved in the last decade, but they do not restore hearing to normal.  Difficulties often remain when in challenging listening situations.  Hearing Loops help hearing aid users overcome this problem by broadcasting sound without background noise or reverberation.

If you have hearing loss but do not have a hearing aid or if your hearing aid does not have a working telecoil setting to access the Hearing Loop, there are individual receivers with headphones or earbuds available in the box office.

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